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May 21st - 24th 2024


Level 1 Qualitative & Quantitative
Infrared Thermography Online Training & Certification

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Empowering thermal imaging expertise right here in the Caribbean through internationally recognized training and certification services.

Why ITC?


Our staff of instructors bring decades of combined practical experience to the classroom that helps connect theory to real-world application.


ITC’s student-centric approach to learning ensures that students leave training with a clear understanding of how to be more effective in their role with an IR camera.


Following industry best practice standards (ASNT/ISO), students and organizations can be assured ITC certification is the industry gold- standard and recognized globally.

Training Courses

Grow your knowledge and IR expertise with ITC certification training. Our variety of courses cater to your learning needs and preferences. We provide the leading experience for classroom, online, onsite, and on-demand training.




How it works?

Step 1

Check our class listings for the application, location, and instruction level you need.

Step 2

Sign up for yourself or enroll your entire team for training.

Step 3

Participate in our engaging classes, pass your final exam, and get your certification.

Increase reliability, workplace safety, production uptime, and reduce harmful emissions

A real time and non-contact test method, IR allows you to inspect objects from a safe distance without interrupting the targets operating condition. Identify issues before they become critical, avoid potential injury, unplanned downtime, expensive repairs, or excessive emissions.

Enhance your credibility

For professionals, certification of personnel is often the only possible proof of competence in professions that are not regulated in national or international education programs. Certification demonstrates that the certified individual has the required knowledge and skills to provide a quality inspection to an established International standard

  • Get your Level I certification
  • Recertify every four years
  • Up the ante with Level II certification
  • Become your company’s thermography program manager with Level III certification

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